Friday, February 14, 2014

History of the Triqui People

The Triqui are a group of indigenous people that live in the Mexican state of Oaxaca and the mountainous region to the west.  The people in Oaxaca had an official "free municipality" status in 1826. For over 100 years they enjoyed their peaceful existence until 1948. The PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) seized power from the Triqui people and held it ever since.

Things changed in 2007 when the Triqui people declared their autonomy from the state government. Their announcement came after a long 2 month deliberation among themselves to elect their own form a government and the Council Of Elders. Since declaring their autonomy, the Mexican government has maintained a policy of disrespect and destruction of Triqui people. 

This mistreatment cause the people to endure  months of sexual assaults, assassinations, and a lack of access to food, water, medical services and international aid. The Triqui People have not given up their dream to live on their ancestral land as free people. 


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